Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sportsters forever

All I wanted was a Harley.  I hated baggers, my dad had one, a 1972 Full Dresser.  It was Blue & White and it was slow, handled like a bus and it was quiet.  I went to the was 2003 and I was one of a million or so folks that wanted to buy in to the advances on the dealership showroom went un-noticed by salesman so I went to another dealership and bought an 883 Custom 100th anniversary Sportster, a matching helmet and the biggest HOG patch the dealership had for sale. 
It only took a few months to learn that the dealership set was not for me...I was ready to dismantle my bike and build something cool out of it.  I sold my stock bike when it was 6 months old.  My second Sportster was a 2002 1200 Custom that was in a wreck.  I bought it for $2,000 and built this:
I wanted to be a "Pro" builder, so I sold the bike.  I am not certain who owns it now...but I hope they are enjoying it.  Speed Metal Built Forever!-Jason Hallman 

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