Monday, March 21, 2011

An open letter to Dave Grohl

I dont use this BLOG as a spring board for anything other than to express myself and since I am pretty much 100% certain that Dave Grohl will never see this...I have no explination for what I am about to write here other than to announce my appreciation for Dave Grohl's musical contribution to my ear holes.

Like the phoenix rose from the ashes Dave Grohl pulled himself from the wreckage that was Nirvana.  After Kurt Cobain's untimely death surely was to mean the end of the line for the remaining members of Nirvana Dave Grohl immersed himself in music that was pure Rock & Roll. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I was not a Nirvana fan at all!  In fact...I hated (and still hate) everything about the "grunge" music "scene".  For me, it signaled the end of classic rock and heavy metal two muscial genre's (along with hip hop/rap) that I considered myself quite the authority on.

Picture this:  It was pre-internet Detroit, Michigan in 1991, I just graduated from high school and was begining what I thought would be my career path in the radio industry at Specs Howard.  I met a guy...named Jonah (Jay) Sharkey and he turned me on to Nirvana but it wasn't "Smells like teen spirit" was "Bleached" and I hated it.  Teen Spirit was "too commercial" for Jonah.  On a side note, another fellow class mate bummed a ride from me home once and Pearl Jam's Alive was on the radio (89X CIMX)...he told me that Pearl Jam would be "bigger than Zeppelin".  I told him he was "full of shit" and dropped him off some where in Ferndale.  I think his name was Jeff...either way, he was wrong.  My point is this, in those days you had to rely on a series of under ground channels of rumors, stories and at best...a few first hand tales from the DJ's on the radio for your musical trivia and research.  If you wanted to know the lyrics to a song you had better hope the band put them in the liner notes.  The entir record buying and music experience was much more exciting back then.  I am sad that my kids will never experience the thrill of ripping off the clear plastic from a new LP and hear the crackle of staic as you lower the needle to the face of a vinyl record for the first time as I did with Kiss's Dynasty LP in 1978.

Yesterday I heard Rope for the first time.  Holy sh!t...what a great song.  But then again, the Foo Fighters have many great songs.  It was like hearing Monkey Wrench again for the first time only better, more refined and harder.  Dave Grohl has never disapointed me on the radio.  I saw the FF once the same venue I saw my very first concert in 1979 (J Geils).  I dont know if it was the accoustics or just an off night but I left early...disappointed.  I have vowed to see them again.

Now for the real meaning to this reguritation of nothingness from my tiny pea brain...Dave Grohl might just be the last Rock-a-roller.  In the same vein as Jimmy Page before him, he embraces and accepts his role in what could be argued by some as the 3rd largest (or at least relevant) rock band in history (I for one credit the Beatles and Led Zeppelin respectively 1st and 2nd) but he doesn't let Nirvana alone define him.  He is always eager to make great music with great musicians (Queens of the Stoneage are more over looked than they deserve to be) and surround himself with talent and positivity.  No political rants, no drug overdoses, no self loathing...just raw, edgy, real rock and roll.

So to Dave Grohl I say "thank you" and to the rest of you I say "go buy the Foo Fighters new album".  Damn I wish it was on vinyl!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine: Coming soon to issue #108

Here you go, a little flavor from Lakeland, Florida.
The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine: Coming soon to issue #108: "We're wrapping up issue #108 today, and I just put the finishing touches on the lay out for Eric Allard's 'Clementine' XS650 chop. This thin..."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two wheel genesis

I wasn't into Harley's ten years ago...I was into Outlaw street racing.  Fifteen years previous to that, I had hung up my BMX shoes for the last time.  I had similar success with BMX as I had with street racing and now custom motorcycles.  In 1988 I traveled with Haro's "B" team which consisted of Rick Moliterno, Joe Gruttola and team manager, Ron Haro.  Those legends not withstanding...that team also included the greatest vert rider ever...Matt Hoffman.  I had made friends with Rick Moliterno earlier in the summer whilst a camp counselor at Woodward BMX camp and invited them to have a home cooked meal with my family.  They obliged...I was in awe!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Suede Softail

Re-"did" by Cycle Stop USA
Diamond cut heads/jugs
Powder Coat:
Competition Coatings, Auburndale, Florida
Engine work - Cycle Stop USA/Plant City, FL
Danny gray saddle
Crane Hi-4 ignition
Paint by Liquid Illusions - St Louis, MO

English Softail update

I am building this bike for my bro in the UK Mic Powell.  I needed a little help so I enlisted some of my best friends in the industry:
  • Frame mods...Voodoo Choppers
  • Engine...Plymouth Cycle & Speed/Zippers
  • Transmission...Plymouth Cycle & Speed/Baker Drivetrain
As per usual, I will be hanlding all of the other component selection and final assembly.  Some of the other components will be:
  • WCC mid controls
  • Brembo brakes and hand controls.
This bike is being built to ride across Europe and will feature a 120 inch Zippers (built by Evan Edwards @ Plymouth Cycle & Speed Inc.) engine and six speed Baker DD6 gearset.

I will keep you posted!

Cyril posts release of new CFL

Sorry to simply regurgitate info from another blog, but this is good news for CFL fans (which I am).  Here is something Cyril doesnt have:  a photo of the first Daytec frame at the V-twin Expo
photo courtesey of Trish Horstman

Carry on!