Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

DROID.....not even a close second!

An open letter to all Droid programmers: have failed miserably to create a smart phone that even comes close to the functionality of Apple's I-phone.  Droid is to the phone market what the XFL was to professional football:
  • Juvenile
  • Loose
  • Dorky (dumbing down technology so that the cognitively impaired feel at par is not something you should be congratulated for) 
Where do I start?  Lets start with the Apps...who cares if you have more apps than the Apple Iphone.  Your device cannot link up to my Outlook and manage my contacts!  God forbid someone in my contacts list get a new phone number or email.  This is strike one for the Droid.

To the programmers:  you were handed the single best network in the country and yet you come up short on features that could have made Verizon a winner.  At&t drops calls constantly in most metro areas yet the Iphone and its ability to properly push mail from my work account to my phone make that device a clear winner over the Droid's B.S. lame attempt at capturing new emails. long as we are on the subject of email:  "If I wanted a Gmail account, I would already have one"!  Why should I have to have ANOTHER friggin' email account just so that I can have your lame phone and crappy O.S.?  Strike two!

Why is there 5+ Droid devices available?  Simple answer:  So that more people make more money.  People like choices and all of you that consider Apple users "Sheep" for flocking into the Apple store and buying the same thing need to wake up and smell that ether...when there is only one device to choose from...all of the focus for development is on that device.  That makes things simpler for the end user.  Strike're out!

The bottom line is this; when (if) Verizon ever gets the I-phone, AT&T will be in a world of hurt.  They will be forced to make deals and to up their game (network) to compete in urban areas like New York, L.A., Detroit etc.  Until that can keep your Droid and I will gladly suffer AT&T's wretched service and second rate network.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010