Monday, April 11, 2011

Otterbox "phones in" a Defender case for Samsung Facinate

Please excuse the pun.  I have used Otterboxs' for years on several devices and unfortunately my Defender for Samsung Facinate disappoints me.  Since this is my BLOG I thought I would use this pulpit to preach the gospel of cellular phone protection here goes:

  • Same rugged materials as previous Defender cases I have purchased.
  • Excellent screen protector.
  • All access points are easily accesed (charge port, head phone port, etc)
  • Camera not obstructed
  • Priced where it should be.  This is the top of the line phone protection offered in the marketplace.  Heck of a lot cheaper than a new phone!

The "not so good":
  • Rubber cover fits poorly.  I expect to really "test" the limits of the Otterbox and I waited three months for the Defender to be released for my new device.  I think it should fit better.  I am concerned that once it is a year + old it wont fit at all.
  • the phone does not fit tight in the hard case.  I had to "shim" the case with folded paper to stop the phone from moving around in the case.  Not the quality I am used to from Otterbox products.
  • The plastic "cage" is easily removed.  I still have an Iphone 3GS and my Otterbox (Defender) is a "chore" to remove for cleaning but I know that it is secure.  I don't get that confidence from the Defender for the Samsung Facinate.

To conclude, I would always recommend Otterbox to anyone that asks me.  As a parent of two teenage girls that seem to go through phones like Grant went through Richmond I believe that these cases should be mandatory fare when purchasing a new phone.

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